Border Idiots Arrest Yon.

Another day in Happy Place for the idiots of the Obama Administration. Michael Yon, the single greatest military reporter since Ernie Pyle, was arrested by Border Rent-A-Cops in Seattle for failing to answer questions about his income.

  Excuse me, but WTF? What does that have to do with protecting out national security? What does that have to do with anything, unless the security pukes have decided to emulate Hugo Chavez, and considering the buffoon who is currently pretending to be the President, that wouldn't surprise me at all.

  Yon says:

arrested at the Seattle airport for refusing to say how much money I
make. (The uniformed ones say I was not "arrested", but they definitely
handcuffed me.) Their videos and audios should show that I was polite,
but simply refused questions that had nothing to do with national
security. Port authority police eventually came — they were professionals — and rescued me from the border bullies.

 More from Yon's Facebook page here

 More from HotAir

   Nice to see all the white, male, employed veterans getting the evil eye from security pukes while muslims get waved on through the line. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now.


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