Fleet AW Association

 Honestly, I haven't a clue why this hasn't been posted here by me before now. Regardless, if you are a current or former AW, or simply want to learn about the rate and those who earned it, and what they do, then follow this link.

Fleet AW Association

The Fleet AW Association is a
non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of interest in the
Naval Aircrewman community (AWs; formerly known as Aviation Warfare
Systems Operators and as Antisubmarine Warfare Operators); the
advancement of Naval Aircrewman systems operations; the dissemination
of technical, educational and scientific information relating to Naval
Aircrewman systems operations; and furtherance of the public welfare.

In 2008, the AW rating was re-named the Naval Aircrewman rating
and all enlisted naval aircrew were consolidated into this rating as
AWs. This added several speciality ratings: AWR (Tactical ASW
Helicopter), AWS (Tactical AMCM/Utility Helicopter), AWO (Operator),
AWF (Mechanical), and AWV (Avionics)

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