Sheep Dogs….

  Team Rubicon is a private venture by former military and medical folks to assist earthquake victims in Haiti. They have established a medical facility at PaP in the Jesuit Mission there. It's a fairly secure facility with it's own well for clean water.  these guys are pros, and are doing this all gratis. They are bolstered in the efforts through donations for travel and medical supplies, as well as thousands of dollars of supplies donated through Chicago area hospitals and other medical facilities.

   They need your help, and anything, and I mean ANYTHING that you can donate., from a dollar on up will go a long way towards helping these folks.

   More here at Blackfive

  Team Rubicon

  I can't emphasize how important these efforts are, and, again, how they set the American citizens above so many others in the world when it comes to unconditional assistance. Where is the UN? Dithering and worthless, as usual. I could go on, but I don't have the room here for what is in my mind to write.

 Bottom Line: Help in any way you can. These are the good guys, doing what good guys do. God Bless 'em, and all who lend a hand. There are no small actors in this play. Everyone counts.


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