Torpedo Remains Recovered From Cheonan Wreck Site

Any question as to whether a torpedo was used to sink South Korean Navy Corvette Cheonan should be placed to rest.  Partial remains of the weapon used, including the props, drive shaft and gears were recovered from the wreckage and placed on display for all the world to see.

Additionally, the design matches those torpedoes used by North Korea, and markings found on the remains match those used by them as well.

The Daily Mail (United Kingdom) has more, including pictures:

North Korea threatened ‘all-out war’ if Seoul retaliates for the torpedo attack which sank a South Korean warship.

Pyongyang made the threat yesterday as it dismissed a report by an international team of specialists that found a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine sank the 1,200-tonne Cheonan in March, killing 46 sailors.

Investigators said they had discovered part of the torpedo used in the attack on the sea floor and it carried lettering that matched a North Korean design.

The investigation led by British, U.S., Swedish and Australian experts, who collected evidence from the seabed, the wreckage of the ship and 58 survivors, said: ‘The evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that the torpedo was fired from a North Korean submarine.

The question, to my mind, is not whether South Korea will respond to this act of war, but when.

Also, a very good article from Foreign Policy magazine.

UNSC sanctions and condemnation are a necessary but not sufficient step. Now is the time for both South Korea and the United States to step up and define a firm policy towards North Korea. The Lee administration needs to stop pursuing a reactive policy and firmly declare its position towards the North. South Korea should preempt another North Korean provocation by defining new rules of engagement such that if North Korea seeks reunification or economic growth, it must adhere to an international framework with clear conditions and benchmarks. The burden of compliance must be put on the North.

Remains Of Torpedo That Sank Cheonan


2 Responses to “Torpedo Remains Recovered From Cheonan Wreck Site”

  1. 1 Rafterman
    May 27, 2010 at 02:56

    Hey Tim,

    o/t but did you used to fly out of BNAS?

    • May 27, 2010 at 04:43

      Yes I did. I was with VP-10, and then after transition from the P-3b to the UpdateII, I was transferred to ASWOC Brunswick. Long time back, but good times and a good base.

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