Russian C3: The Bear Reorganizes

Over to the blog “Russian Military Reform“, author Dmitry Gorenburg has a nice article about Russia’s reform of it’s military districts and command staffs.

Although Russia is trying to get all of this in place over the next 3 months or so, it’s doubtful that such an overhaul can take place so swiftly. However, it is interesting to see that they feel this needs to be done. Going from 16 levels of command to three not only makes the entire machine a bit more efficient, but it also allows for greater oversight and control by Moscow.Read the whole thing, and do bookmark his blog. He doesn’t post often, but everything he writes is interesting and more than worth the time to read.

According to Viktor Litovkin, the Russian military is about to undergo another around of reorganization. The current system of six military districts and seven armies will be replaced by four “operational-strategic directions,” broken down as follows:

  • The Western direction will include the current Leningrad and Moscow military districts, the Kaliningrad special district, and the Baltic and Northern Fleets.  It will be headquartered in St. Petersburg next door to the Admiralty.
  • The Southern direction will include all of the North Caucasus and part of the Volga-Urals military districts, the Black Sea Fleet, and the Caspian Flotilla. Its headquarters will be in Rostov.
  • The Northern direction will include the Siberian and the rest of the Volga-Urals military districts and will be based in Ekaterinburg.

The Eastern direction will include the Far Eastern military district, the Kamchatka special district, and the Pacific Fleet. The headquarters will be in Khabarovsk.

In each case, the direction headquarters will control all troops in their area, including naval and air force units and air defenses, with the exception of Strategic Rocket Forces, which will remain under separate command. At the same time, the headquarters of each of the separate services (i.e. the ground forces, navy, air force, and air defenses) will be transformed into structural divisions of the General Staff.

Interesting times, indeed.


3 Responses to “Russian C3: The Bear Reorganizes”

  1. 1 ewok40k
    June 20, 2010 at 05:59

    Its gonna be a hard thing with an army of 300k officers to 1kk privates/NCOs ratio – and more colonels than lieutnants to boot…

    • June 20, 2010 at 10:05

      As Mr. Gorenburg notes in the original article, he considers the three month time frame to be “science fiction”. I agree.

      What’s interesting is how this is being reorganized, with what amounts to the old “Field Marshall” position, where all the forces, regardless of the branch, fall under his direct command. The only exception is the Strategic Rocket Forces, which remain under strict control through Moscow.

      • 3 ewok40k
        June 21, 2010 at 01:20

        well, that goes back to the old tradition of “theater/front command”, with slight reduction in number since area to cover is muchless than in the soviet times…

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