So You’d Like To Buy an F-35 Fighter?

There’s been a lot of talking heads throwing out numbers regarding the true cost(s) of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, or JSF as it’s known. Matt over to Blackfive has an excellent article up about the “drive-away” costs of a single unit, versus the various numbers plucked from who knows where you’ve seen in the news.  It’s an excellent and well-written article, as anyone who’s visited Blackfive knows, and includes some nice input from those on various sides of the program.

The article in question is here:  Please go and read and see how procurement plays out. The comments are very good too.

More information on the F-35 may be found herehere, here,  & here.

If you have an interest in this program, and you should since we’ll be using it for the next 60 years or so, then take a little time today to read the background information, and, if nothing else, read Matt’s fine article.


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