More On China’s DF21D “Carrier Killer” System

There’s a nice post at Neptunus Lex regarding more developments in the response to China’s DF21D  “Dong Feng” Missile System.  Lex has some good points, and as always, he’s a gifted writer and observer. His background gives him the perspective of someone who spent a career in carrier-based Naval Aviation, both from operational and command perspectives.

I believe that the entire system is over-rated & until all phases of it’s program are validated it’s something to be concerned about, but not the game changer the press (and the PLAN) want everyone to believe.

Lex references this article about the system, and my former post is here.  The US Navy’s response to the DF21D is here.

Take some time to read the articles, if you can, and consider them in light of the Cold War. China took the lessons of how the west, primarily these United States, defeated the Soviet Union through an economic war of attrition and is using those lessons against us in turn.

Make no mistake: China is at war, economically & politically with these United States and the West.  How it plays out over the next few decades will be determined by how much our citizens pay attention and how we respond to the slow and steady grind the Chinese are using.  We are already weakened economically through idiotic entitlement programs and reckless spending. The Chinese are buying up our debt, and anyone with the slightest amount of interest in our national defense should be alarmed at THAT particular development.


2 Responses to “More On China’s DF21D “Carrier Killer” System”

    May 18, 2011 at 02:09

    Alas, Evil always wins, unless Good Men do something to stop it. We are short of Good Men, because the evil ones have come into power, by buying the votes of the ignorant, lazy and foolish, through entitlement programs. Good Men cannot offer something for nothing, but only freedom, which has a cost.

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