A Plea For Help

There was another senseless crime committed this past week, but this one strikes close to home.  A mother & her 2 children were murdered, and then their house burned down to try and cover up the crime. Her parents were injured trying to save them, not knowing they were already dead.

Now, it’s bad enough that this happened, but this woman was a tireless advocate for veterans, and her efforts touched many lives. I never met her, but I knew of her and what she has done.

Our good friends at Blackfive are asking for you help to pass the word and help to find the low-life, scum-sucking bottom dweller who did this heinous crime.

This morning, I am going to ask you for something, but not your money.  Amanda Prewett Doss and her children were murdered, and their house set on fire to cover the crime.  Her parents were burned going into the burning home to try to rescue them.

Even if she were not one of ours, a tireless troop supporter and patriot who was friend to a very good friend of mine, this plea would be going out because of the heinous nature of the crime.  Law Enforcement needs your help. Her parents need your help.

Please spread the word about this.  We need to help them blanket the plea (and the story) in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  We need the plea to go nationwide, but blanketing those states is crucial.  A reward is offered, and that may help spur some.

So, please:  post, write, send e-mails, heck, send smoke signals.  But please do all you can to help spread this story throughout the South.  Let’s see if we can help generate the leads and information so urgently needed to bring a monster/monsters to justice.

More here , and here.

A plea from her parents is below. Please help if you can, in any way you can, even if it’s just telling someone else about this over coffee or lunch. Don’t let this act go unpunished.

A Plea For Help


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