1 July: The Birth of the US Navy Petty Officer

From the Facebook page:

On July 1, 1885 the US Congress officially recognized the US Navy Petty Officer as a separate rank and mess, apart from the general ship’s company.

Forget the rah-rah. Forget the hooyah.

On this day, remember the 30-something year old swordsman that saved the green recruit from the hands of a Tripolian boarder. Remember the man that showed you how to sew a sail, told you that watch would be O.K., pulled you into a back office and NEVER put what was said on paper. No matter what Chief might have said.

Be the sharp-tongued bastard that fought for you at an eval board, showed you how to cock a pistol without blowing your own toes off and helped you bury your best friend.

Remember the man who could have said something for you at Captain’s Mast but didn’t…and you’ll never know why. The woman who turned the right valve at the right time. The sailor that picked bits of Exocet pieces out of your arm with tweezers and made titty jokes while doing it.

Those who have turned the white hat into a misshapen dogbowl from years of abuse and those who protect you from the Bridge…because you didn’t MEAN to drop your chemlight in the water.

Forget competition. Forget fund-raising. Forget collateral duties. Remember fucked-up port-calls, punching an SP and calling him a liar later and giving the JOOD such a nasty stink eye that you went to your rack without a fuss.

We’re Petty Officers. We are awful heroes, salted, 3 am, whiskey saints of vicious privacy and always looking to the squad that we love and will always miss.

Send to anyone that has been Petty Officer. Or don’t. Petty Officers don’t care. 🙂

So to all you former Petty Officers, my shipmates and those still in the Fleet, God Bless You, keep up the good work, and remember that the Petty Officer IS the United States Navy.

Go here to get the T-Shirt, too.


2 Responses to “1 July: The Birth of the US Navy Petty Officer”

  1. 1 AO2 USN
    July 1, 2011 at 03:17

    As another former Petty Officer, well written, and Fair winds and following seas shipmate.

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