You Are Never Alone

Much has been bandied about in the press and in the MSM, Hollywood, etc, about America’s Veterans and how they are “damaged goods”. It’s a shame that this meme keeps being put out there in the manner that it has been.

Having said that, PTSD & Depression are very real and do affect veterans as a result of their service. Most troubling of all are suicides among both veterans and those on active duty.  Military service, whether peacetime or wartime, changes you in both subtle and overt ways. You will never be the same person you were before you joined. In many way that will be for the good.  Sometimes, it isn’t.  The self-confidence you will gain through shared experience and increased responsibility can shape you to be a better citizen and lead a more productive and successful life. Along the way, though, we have all lost friends, and those losses hurt.  Some wounds never heal completely.

If you are having any sort of troubles, then please, seek help. Call the VA, call a friend. Talk to someone, anyone.  This nation NEEDS her veterans to stay strong, and become the leaders in civilian life that they were in the military.

My friends at “This Aint Hell” have a good post up today. You should read it (and follow that blog, too!). There is a video accompanying that post, made by Medal of Honor recipients.   It’s a wonderful message, and it comes from the hearts of men who have seen the darkest of days in their lives. Listen to what they say, and know that you are never alone.



2 Responses to “You Are Never Alone”

  1. July 10, 2011 at 01:00

    Fire aboard ship could cause it. Maybe we all have it at some level? Who knows?
    I never saw any action at all. In twenty years, I was never where shots were fired in anger. I did however work on the flight deck of USS Independence as a fresh faced nineteen year old kid from the Northern Plains. Just the activity in “the most dangerous jobs” on the planet are extremely stressful.
    I have known folks in the time since I retired who believe I deserve no benefits of any kind. The reason was I never actually went to war. Go figure. And some of them are folks that I graduated from high school with. No understanding at all.

  2. July 16, 2011 at 20:10

    Good post, and the MSM keeps pushing this crap, ‘hoping’ sooner or later somebody will believe it! Sigh…

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