Paranoia Runs Deep

Tyrants, Dictators, and petty princes of all types have one thing in common: paranoia.  They all see shadows, hear the faint rumblings of approaching destruction, and well they should.  They appointed themselves above everyone else, and soon enough, they realize that others might just have that same idea.

Hugo Chavez is a loathsome creature. I don’t relish in the misfortunes and sufferings of others, but in his case, I’ll make an exception. He’s dying of cancer. There’s a lot of folks who are upset that it’s taking so long.  In his waning days, he’s also hearing things, or at least his military is.

Chavez says the Venezuelan Navy has detected a submarine. In their own waters, no less. The horror!

From the Washington Post:

The submarine was detected on Tuesday near the Venezuelan island of La Orchila in the Caribbean north of Caracas, where Venezuelan troops are participating in training drills near the island, Chavez told state television by telephone.

“It was pursued. It escaped because it’s much faster than ours,” Chavez said, referring to Venezuela’s diesel-powered submarines. He said that judging by its speed and size, “it’s a nuclear-powered submarine.”

Huh. Imagine that. Chavez also accuses the usual suspects. Pretty much anyone NOT named Hugo Chavez:

The leftist leader has long had tense relations with the United States, and has recently called the U.S. together with its European allies “the empires.”

“Now you know how the empires are used to going around the Caribbean Sea and going everywhere, and they also use their satellites for espionage. It’s espionage,” Chavez said.

More here from allheadlinenews

His latest accusations against the United States might be among his last as the ailing Venezuelan president fights a losing battle against cancer, according to former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega.

Noriega wrote in a column for the newsletter InterAmerican Security Watch that Chavez’s cancer is spreading more quickly than expected and could kill him within six months.

Hugo's World


2 Responses to “Paranoia Runs Deep”

  1. November 13, 2011 at 03:44

    I remember doing ASW execises with them in the early 80’s. A week in Maracay on pre diem. Very friendly people. Good liberty. It was the first time I ever road on a bus with armed guards in a city. That part was un-nerving. Hugo’s impending demise reminds me of a quote by Clarence Darrow. “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

  2. 2 Scott Cochran "Scooter", AW1 Retired
    November 18, 2011 at 17:51

    Hey Tim, how did you get a picture of me playing ASW in the head. Just reliving the memories!

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