From CDR Salamander: A Nice Perspective On Our Old Friends

With  Russia’s fourth-generation Project Mk 955 Borey-class and it’s missile, the RSM-56 Bulava (NATO code name SS-NX-30)  they’ve begun to shift attention towards the non-boomer part of their submarine fleet.  The main thrust seems to be Project 885 Yasen (NATO code name Graney) class nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine.

Cdr Salamander has an excellent article regarding this, to which all of us should be paying attention.  The comments section is especially good, and well worth the time to peruse.

I’ll also take this opportunity to once more comment about our dearth of ASW capability.  While the rest of the world is busy modernizing their submarine fleets, and expanding their numbers, our own navy is eliminating ASW platforms, squandering much-needed resources on poorly-designed and near-useless vessels like LCS and DDG-1000.  Power-Point rangers have sold our nation a bill of goods under the false economy of “revolutionary” ship development, vice the evolutionary concepts which made the US Navy the most powerful in the world.

There will be a terrible bill presented, to be paid in blood and treasure at some future point due to the short-sightedness and narcissistic leadership that placed legacy systems and personal politics above the actual needs of our Navy, and our Nation.

Until then, go and read CDR Salamander. He should be a daily visit.


2 Responses to “From CDR Salamander: A Nice Perspective On Our Old Friends”

  1. 1 Scott Cochran, AW1 Retired
    November 18, 2011 at 17:34

    And the other lack of ASW capability, that being replacing the P-3, the lack of “real” ASW training for AW’s, and the lack of AW’s having “real” ASW experience. Waiting for you Tim to buy a P-3 and have a few of us ready to go so we can ride in like the calvary to possibly save he day when that day comes. Gosh, I sure miss the hummm of those engines and smell of JP-5….and lets not forget all the good food we cooked too.

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