I Am A Patriots Fan

I am a Patriots Fan.

I wear the laundry because I love this team. I’ve felt the joy or incredible wins, and the heartbreak of losses. I’ve rejoice at seeing the Patriots hold 3 Lombardi trophies, and I’ve been left hurt and wondering about what might have been.

But through it all, I wear the laundry. Each season I buy a new ball cap and a new shirt or jersey. I retire the others to the closet of memories. My shrine of memorabilia reminds me of where the team has been, and what it has accomplished.

Those pictures of years past remind me of the years with untold losses, of a season we saw our team go 1-15. It talks to me of the heady years of Grogan, and the one bright season of Plunkett. Of seeing Flutie on the field, and the other years of Eason, of Sisson, and the bright promise of Bledsoe. Of Mosie’s Mooses. Of Tippet and Hannah. Of games vague in memory, and other glimpses of plays and sideline scenes from years long gone.

I’m a Patriots fan. I relish these golden years of Belichick & Brady. Of such constant winning that losing a game seems more hurtful than ever before. And yet I am mindful that success is fleeting. That every great player, every great game and every great season could turn on a single injury, a single dropped pass, fumble, broken play. I am humble with our wins, and console myself with a loss, that the other team has great players too. That they also get paid to play this game.

I am a Patriots fan, but I also have a life. With every victory, with every loss, the next day the sun still rises, the bills need to get paid and the work needs to get done.

I am thankful for all the other great fans, and especially the posters on such a great site as PatsFans.com I am truly greatful that I can go there and speak my mind, read wonderful posts and comments, insightful analysis, and be in the company of others like myself.

I am a Patriots fan, and I am so very happy to have such a team as the New England Patriots to root for. This last loss hurts so very much, but it will pass, and a new season will soon be upon us. This team of ours has a record that others are envious of. 7 Superbowls appearances, where other teams have never been there. 6 times in 16 years this team has been to the big game. 3 times it’s walked away with the trophy. That’s something to be proud of.

I am a Patriots fan, and I’m a homer. They are my team, and I hope they always win. But win or lose, they are still my team. I’ve seen the very good and the very bad since Jim Plunkett arrived. Even with this last loss, I still support my team, and I’m happy to still wear the laundry.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit. I needed to say this after reading some of the stuff these past couple of days. I’ve put this season behind me and now I’m looking forward to the draft! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “I Am A Patriots Fan”

  1. 1 TSO
    February 9, 2012 at 16:11

    Yeah, for some reason this one actually stung less. They played okay, just not as good as the Giants. I don’t begrudge this one. I like the Pats way more than the Sox, but the Sox loss this year had be sleepless for absolute weeks. I just still can’t get over that one.

    Still love Welker and Gronk, and wish everyone would just let it go. It was a hell of a season, record breaking in many categories, and all with a Defense that still hasn’t matured.

    • February 10, 2012 at 16:32

      I am still of the opinion that this was one of Belichick’s best coaching seasons. Considering they came within 4 points and a few minutes of winning it all, with the players left at the end of the season, is downright remarkable.

      Just think of how good this defense will be next year when the players on IR get back.

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