Caring For Our Own

There’s an excellent post over to “This Aint Hell”  today.  Jonn Lilyea writes:

In Riverside California, the four years old group, Veterans Without Family, has honored 1500 veterans who have died and have been buried in the Riverside National Cemetery. Those veterans had no family to claim their mortal coils, so the organization fills that void…..

The original story was presented by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin which writes:

Veterans Without Family founder Doyle Tolbert realized the need when he was an investigator for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office and noticed that many veterans whose bodies were left unclaimed went without a proper burial.

On a weekly basis, veterans were buried without a song or a prayer.

“Before 2008, veterans who have no family were given no military honors,” Tolbert said. “They were given a direct burial, which is essentially a truck backing up and putting the body in a hole.”

This is another excellent example of veterans taking care of their own. It’s nice to think that the  Dept. Of Veterans Affairs would take care of us, but we’ve all seen the dangers and frustrations of depending upon them to do the right thing on their own.  Rather, we should make an inquiry with our local Cemetery Department, or funeral home(s), etc, and see what their own procedures are for internment of the remains veterans with no relatives to claim them. I know I’ll be looking in to that this coming week.


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