Egypt: When the Money and Food Run Out

Asia Times has a warning article online today that ought to be read by anyone with a passing interest in current events. It details what is likely to happen when Egypt’s money and food run out, something that is likely to happen sooner rather than later. Hoarding of both hard currency and consumables has already begun and it’s only going to get worse.

Muslim Brotherhood chooses chaos
By Spengler

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood signaled its intent on Sunday to push the country into economic chaos. With liquid foreign exchange reserves barely equal to two months’ imports and panic spreading through the Egyptian economy, the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater warned that it would block a US$3 billion emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) unless the military government ceded power.

The real problem that few want to talk about is this: When the food and currency begin to run out, and that will happen sooner rather than later, the Muslim brotherhood won’t be seeking to turn it’s anger towards the other Arab nations. they will do what happened in Germany and turn the blame onto the Jews.  Attention will turn toward Israel as a way to funnel the anger away from the authorities and help them entrench themselves in power.

It’s not like they haven’t already started down that path. Egyptian authorities and especially the MB have begun to call into question whether Egypt should still respect the 1973 treaty with Israel.

As the article continues:

American analysts mistook the protestors of Tahrir Square for revolutionaries. The Muslim Brotherhood now reveals itself to be a revolutionary organization on the Leninist or Nazi model.

And which should be obvious to anyone who has ever watched the History Channel:

As a revolutionary organization that rose under the influence of Nazi Germany’s wartime foreign ministry, the Brotherhood has no qualms about exacerbating Egypt’s economic misery if it furthers its agenda. Paul Berman’s 2010 book The Flight of the Intellectuals summarized exhaustive academic research into wartime archives showing that the Brotherhood was shaped by Nazi ideology. Berman’s report evoked outrage, but has stood up well to its critics.

A Muslim Brotherhood consolidation of power on the back of devaluation and food shortages using techniques of the Bolsheviks in 1917 or the Nazis in 1933 seems the most likely outcome. There seems to be no plan to avert it, for the power of the military will run out along with the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

But let’s also not forget that another underlying cause for this instability in Egypt’s economy is the call by radical clerics to remake the entire Egyptian tourist trade. These clerics have called for an end to alcohol, to making beaches segregated by gender, to covering up if not destroying all the great monuments and historical sites to prevent the sight of “paganism” and “idolatry”, etc. Egypt’s economy depends greatly upon the tourist trade, and already many hotels and airlines are showing decreasing numbers of bookings due to fear and unease.

Our president and his enablers should be so very proud of themselves. Even MSNBC agrees:

After more than two weeks of anti-regime protests in Egypt that had sometimes caught the United States off balance, President Obama Friday hailed the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, saying “the people of Egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard, and Egypt will never be the same.”

Mubarak’s exit came as welcome news after days of uncertainty. The event that Obama and administration officials had been hoping for did finally happen Friday, a day later than some had expected.

Obama said Friday “this is not the end of Egypt’s transition — it’s the beginning. I’m sure there will be difficult days ahead and many questions remain unanswered.”

But he added he had confidence that the Egyptian people “can find the answers and do so peacefully.”

He compared the change of power in Cairo to the fall of the Berlin Wall and quoted Martin Luther King’s statement that “there’s something in the soul that cries out for freedom.”

Elections have consequences. Remember November.

For more on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, see here:  Tell Children The Truth

Amin Al-Husseini, Grand Mufti and Head of the Muslim brotherhood during WWII, spends the war in Germany at Hitler’s side. He recruits Muslim Nazi troops and becomes heavily involved in the genocide of Jews, Gypsies and Serbs.
Husseini refers to Nazi Muslim troops as “the Cream of Islam”.


5 Responses to “Egypt: When the Money and Food Run Out”

  1. 1 scottthebadger
    April 12, 2012 at 06:24

    Like you, Tim, I saw this coming as soon as the “Arab Spring” began. How can our government be so stupid? Did the President and Secretary of State learn NOTHING in college, other than how to think Left thoughts? WWIII is starting to come over the horizon.

    • 2 Paladin
      April 12, 2012 at 23:36

      Exactly. I’m no scholar, and only know a little about the Middle East. But it took little effort to realize that the “Arab Spring” would not lead to more freedoms in the Middle East. Only a little longer and the radicals will have their Caliphate over every land but Israel. If no one comes to Israel’s aid, it won’t survive beyond another decade. I don’t think the President, Sec. of State nor anyone in his cabinet have the ability nor interest to look beyond their “enlightened” and progressive thoughts to even see a threat.

      WWIII indeed.

  2. 3 John Blackshoe
    April 14, 2012 at 04:33

    Very insightful.

    And frightening.

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